Sunday, April 11, 2010

Skar Rig Demonstration

This is my SKAR rig, Modeled by Alex Hamilton, I am most proud of how this turned out. This rig opened my mind to the many ways I can control what a rig does. It will only get better.

Fencing Sword Demonstration

Yay first video!!
This is me playing around with my fencing sword I modeled and rigged.


Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Quick Glimpse at the Coming Rig Demonstrations

This is a Fencing Sword I modeled and Rigged, for my own general interests. I will be demonstrating its cool wiggle (it makes me laugh)

This is the caveman low poly rig. Commisioned by jeffrey Ramirez for his senior short film "Evolutionary Spark". This rig was loads of fun to produce, he opted against the need for an IK setup for his hands and arms, but the rig is completed for animating purposes at least. It has fun blendshapes so this demo will be fun.

This is my design for a Hover Balanced motorcycle. Its a fun concept just need to think of the look some more. I will show all of its components in this demonstration.

This is my more detailed rig in which I was supervised by Tina O' Hailey. Modeled by Alex Hamilton. This is my greatest victory in biped rigging. but my rigging will only get better ^_^

And this was my first Quadruped rig. Modeled by close friend Chris Hyeoung. Crossing my understandings of bipeds and quadrupeds was the hardest part of this rig but it came out looking really nice. Demo will be on the way.

Ok Fresh Start for a Fresh Day

This is my Identity Malcolm Ross, no longer Divine Ketchup (most of the way). And this will be the home to my newest and greatest achievements for you all to look at and comment on. Please comment, I think that criticism is the greatest way to grow but lets keep the criticism constructive (for those who know what I mean). Anyway, welcome and I hope you enjoy. This blog will be updated daily.